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School Levels:

HMHH has served public middle schools, high schools, chartered schools and alternative schools. Healthy Minds, Healthy Hearts, counseling and educational services focuses on helping students achieve their best academically by providing access to mental health care education and services. Our model focuses on community-based counseling support in the school setting and is designed to align with state and federal requirements such as School Improvement Framework and the Michigan Needs assess

Associated Costs:

HMHH costs are negotiable and determined at the time of meeting with school leaders and/or administrators. Administrative contracts must be signed before services are initiated.

Previous Partners:

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Healthy Minds, Healthy Hearts
Healthy Minds, Healthy Hearts counseling and education services are available to your schools and/or organizations. We approach the mind as the battleground for the heart of an individual. We encourage each student to examine the impact that their thought life has on behaviors. The mind that is idle is left to a scattered thought life and causes the heart to become entrenched in unhealthy behavior. The mind that is focused on goals and achievements enables the heart to perform in a healthy m

Summary of Services and Products being offered:

Healthy Minds, Healthy Hearts is a community health and wellness agency that provides therapeutic counseling and education services.

Performance Outcomes to be Measured:

Performance Management The staff of HMHH will ensure quality and progress toward turnaround goals by routinely monitoring the connection between strategies and desired outcomes through the use of specific measurement tools. The plan to implement the tools are addressed and in process throughout the school year. During the onset of services, students are given a self-assessment to complete based on the subject/topic of the type of group enrolled. The parents and teachers also complete sma

Record of Effectivenesss:

HMHH has letters of reference which may be obtained by request. Also 90% of HMHH services are through referrals from either current or previous clients. We do not advertise or market our services other than our website.

Considerations for Success:

HMHH is always looking for partnerships in the community because we understand that "no man is an island" and that effective, long-lasting change is accomplished through people working together to accomplish common goals. We truly believe that it takes a village to raise a child and as that village comes together in community, we witness positive results.