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School Levels:

Our supported services are specifically developed and tailored to support secondard programs serving grades 6 through 12.

Associated Costs:

Our coaching fee scale is listed below:

Principal/Leadership Coaching.......................... $1000.00 per day and $500.00 per half day

Mathematics and Science Coaching .................$1000.00 per day and $500.00 per half day

English Language Arts Coaching.......................$1000.00 per day and $500.00 per half day

Professional Development/Staff Training Fees $3000.00 per day and $$2000.00 per half day

Previous Partners:

Cornerstone Schools

Detroit Public Schools

Detroit Public Schools Community Districts

Detroit Cristo Rey

Wayne State University College of Education


Data Driven Systems

Our highly accomplished academic and leadership coach(es) will provide coaching support in the following areas:

  • Principal/Leadership coaching in support of the development of schoolwide systems of academic structures and aligned strategies that ensure high levels of increased learning for all students.
  • Student mastery of  the standards included in the Common Core State Standards and those identified by the Michigan Department of Education. Our coach(es) will provide instructional support that is focused on breeding real-world relevance into the standards that leads to student engagement and results in increased' conceptual understanding and skill development.
  • The development of a multi-tiered system of support framework developed by the Michigan Department of Education. This includes the implementation of a universal screening system; the identification of tier 1, 2, and 3 intervention strategies and a system for ongoing and continuous progress monitoring of success.
  •  Mathematics department leadership and coaching support including the implementation of multi-disciplinary projects that support real-world learning.

Summary of Services and Products being offered:

Data Driven Systems, a forward thinking educational consulting firm, located in the greater Detroit area, is committed to the task of increasing student achievement for all students. We are particularly devoted to our mission to advance the positive growth and academic development of urban community children. 

Resultantly, we have provided academic leadership and coaching services for traditional public school districts and public school academies on a national level for more than 20 years. Throughout this time, our endeavors have consistently confirmed our basic philosophy: The primary factor for increasing student achievement lies in the power of high quality teaching.  Good TEACHING Matters (Education Trust, 1998)!

Performance Outcomes to be Measured:

Implementation of our leadership and instructional coaching supports will lead to increased achievement as measured by improving proficiency levels achieved on the district's identified formative assessment measures and on the state assessment measures.  Contingent upon contiguous use of our services, we guarantee a 5-10-15 percent increase per year of service.  This entails 5% in year one; 10% in year two; and 15% in year three.

In addition, we believe the instructional changes that we will advocate for will also lead to increased student attendance.  Therefore, our goal is to support an increase in student attendance of 10 percent. 

Record of Effectivenesss:

Over the past four years, Data Driven Systems has provided leadership and instructional coaching for four Detroit Public Schools Community District high schools.  We reviewed the college and career readiness trend data (SAT) for three years beginning with SY2016 through SY2018.  An analysis of the results demonstrates three out of four schools achieved significant overall gains as measured by SAT.  Two of the schools demontrated mean gains that exceeded 25 points.  One school demonstrated a loss in achievement from 2017 to 2018. We believe this loss was due to a change in leadership and a significant loss of instructional staff.


Considerations for Success:

Our past experiences had shown us that the most effective partnerships are those in which the leadership and the instructional staff buy-in to our methods of support.  To achieve the level of buy-in needed, we believe it to be imperative that we begin our support by honoring the previous work of the team.  We also know that it is imperative that our support be viewed as credible by the leadership and instructional teams that we support.  We are confident that the cadre of evidenced-based instructional practices that we have acquired will support a high level of credibility from our clients. 

Finally, a strong partnership with the district level staff who are willing to support our efforts and those of the school team to make the changes needed to ensure student success is invaluable.