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School Levels:


Associated Costs:

Coaching & Facilitation Services (minimum 3 hours/day)

Previous Partners:

Akiva Hebrew Day School

Core School Solutions (Clintondale Schools)

Eastern Michigan University

Eastern Michigan Writing Project Partner Schools (3 schools)


Genesee Intermediate School District

Genesee County Catholic Schools (2 schools)

Huda School & Montessori

Lapeer Community Schools

Oakland Schools (2 schools)

Instructional Coaching Services of Michigan, LLC

Consulting with teachers and school leaders on school improvement goals including, curriculum and assessment, instructional strategies & initiatives, talent management, communication structures

Coaching teachers and school leaders on school common pedagogical understandings, approaches to curriculum, instruction, and assessment, content and context knowledge, and reflective, inquiry-based practices that foster collaboration and conscious insights into teaching and learning

Analysis of measurement tools and results for program monitoring, including classroom observation feedback and coaching

On-site Professional Development and PLC facilitation of school improvement goals

Training teachers and school leaders on the Four Phases of Vetting Coaches:

  • Phase I: On-site professional experiences working with a Lead Coach in a coachee capacity (co-teaching, planning and reflecting on teaching practices, classroom observations and feedback).
  • Phase II: On-site and off-site training in coaching mindsets and practices. Teacher pursues opportunities and entry points to try coaching in a trusting way.
  • Phase III: On-site practice of coaching (collaborative conversations, planning and reflective coaching, co-teaching, modeling, group facilitation of PD) with Lead Coach as observer and mediator of formative learning.
  • Phase IV: Independent practice of coaching with intermittent supports from Lead Coach and Administrator(s) and gradual release to coachee accepting his/her role as Lead Coach within their working environment.

Summary of Services and Products being offered:

ICSM is an organization focused on building strong collaborative networks within school systems. We ensure that our clients are engaging in Instructional Learning Cycles to support professional learning, coaching, data analysis, and feedback at every opportunity in order to support and challenge the goals they seek to accomplish. www.instructionalcoachingofmi.com 

Performance Outcomes to be Measured:

Alignment of Standards for Professional Learning: All contracts ensure that facilitated professional learning is aligned to the Michigan Standards of Professional Learning. Learning Communities, Leadership, Resources, Data, Learning Design, Implementation, Outcomes

Kirkpatrick Model: Participants take surveys targeted on Level 1: Reaction (favorable reaction), Level 2: Learning (acquisition of attitude, skills, and knowledge), Level 3: Behavior (application of the learning), and Level 4: Results (targeted outcomes achieved and reinforced). This model is often used on organizations to determine effective professional learning through a series of outcomes.

Theory of Action: Using the If...then model for thinking, districts determine outcomes and results which are supported by inputs and resources appropriate for the action needed to foster change.

School Improvement Framework and Accreditation Criteria: Based on the guidelines established by the Michigan Department of Education, AdvancEd, MANS, CITA, ICSM supports analysis of data, providing feedback supports, and implementing systems for meeting the accreditation criteria.

Local Narratives, Interview, Surveys: The Instructional Coaching Cycle using narratives, interviews, and surveys from teachers and school leaders demonstrate the impact on classrooms and school systems, i.e., curriculum implementation, student engagement, instructional strategies.

Record of Effectivenesss:

In 2014, ICSM was contracted to provide coaching supports and training for two teachers at Huda Montessori School in Franklin, Michigan. Over the course of 10 months, ICSM provided on-site coaching for the teacher leaders, including feedback, model instruction, co-teaching, and classroom observation. During planning time, the Lead Coach and teacher(s) collaborated on instruction and assessment as a model for how coaching supports the planning and reflecting process. At the end of the contract, vetted teacher leaders/coaches demonstrated their learning with a three-way coaching conversation with a colleague. Both teachers demonstrated skills, behaviors, and dispositions aligned with the Coaching Evaluation Criteria designed by ICSM, LLC.

From  2014 to 2016, ICSM partnered with Oakland Schools and their MiExcel Priority Schools by  providing professional learning, coaching, and documented feedback for ELA teachers and administrators to make data-driven decisions about curriculum, assessment, and instruction.  With an emphasis on Instructional Learning Cycle Frameworks (ILC 2.0) and MAISA Curriculum adoption, teachers received on-site professional coaching promoting deeper collaboration amongst ELA colleagues. In addition, working with the Department Chair resulted in a promotion to Instructional Coach for the school. As a result, ICSM revised the coaching plan to included providing a vetting structure for the Instructional Coach to use as a model for interacting with teachers and taking on a new leadership role.

Considerations for Success:

ICSM seeks partnerships with schools and districts whose leadership is committed to outstanding results from teacher professional development, and leadership that is dedicated to supporting those results with coaching, feedback, and crucial conversations about current systems and the systems of change.

ICSM also partners with intermediate school districts and universities whose larger vision for their stakeholders is to enhance collaborative learning opportunities and learn about how to achieve “beyond status quo” results.