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School Levels:

Cambridge Education provides customized services for all school levels (PreK-12).

Associated Costs:

Pricing varies depending on the services selected. Cambridge Education will work with you to develop a cost proposal based on our understanding of your needs.

Previous Partners:

Since 2002, we have led projects in over 570 districts across 38 states and in over 6,500 schools. Some of our local Michigan clients, as well as our larger clients include:

Grand Rapids Public Schools, MI

Benton Harbor, MI

Chicago Public Schools, IL

Inglewood Unified School District, CA

Mountain View-Whisman School District, CA

Pomona Unified School District, CA

Massachusetts Department of Education

New York City Department of Education

Hillsborough County Public Schools, FL

Richmond City Schools, VA

Cambridge Education LLC

Our core services:

School Improvement: Our comprehensive approach helps schools achieve rapid gains, and lay the foundation for sustained high performance. It is driven by an unrelenting focus on learning through developing leaders across the school, implementing effective strategic plans and school structures, improving learning and teaching, engaging families and the community, and developing a student-centered learning culture. We customize our coaching and professional development services to be responsive and adaptive to the needs and context of schools.  This flexible and responsive approach emerges from Cambridge Education’s implementation of an evidence-based Cycle of Development and Improvement.

Educator Effectiveness: We provide states, schools, and districts with framework neutral tools to design and implement effective evaluation systems.  In addition, our consultants enhance instructional leaders’ skills to observe learning, provide actionable feedback to teachers through reflective dialogue, and improve instructional coaching skills.

Survey Services: Cambridge Education is the leading provider of K-12 survey deployment, data collection, and reporting services administered at classroom, school, district, and state level.

Quality Review: Our process is built upon a comprehensive, objective, and evidence based rubric and framework. It supports schools in identifying strengths and opportunities for development that can be used to guide strategic planning.

Professional Learning Communities: Our approach emphasizes a coherent course of action for curriculum, assessment, and instructional alignment across grades and content areas, and the integration of professional development into the work of teacher teams.

The Calculus Project: Our program is changing the way schools support students of color and low-income students to achieve success in advanced mathematics.

Summary of Services and Products being offered:

Cambridge Education strives to make people’s lives better by strengthening education systems, empowering effective educators and unlocking the potential of every student regardless of their location, learning needs or backgrounds. In an ever-changing education landscape that brings new challenges and tests our delivery capabilities, we bring solutions and a higher level of ingenuity than ever before to help our clients.

Cambridge Education has built a global network of consultants equipped to provide timely support across a broad variety of educational areas. We partner with schools, districts, states, and other reform support organizations to deliver high quality services that improve learning outcomes. Our approach builds the capacity of classroom teachers and school and district leaders. All of our work with clients is characterized by the belief that we can only be successful if our clients develop the knowledge, capacity and mechanisms to help themselves. To that end, all of our services:

  • Build on our clients’ existing strengths and resources, while guiding our clients to address areas of weakness.
  • Make sure our clients learn about best practices and emerging research.
  • Encourage our clients to collect and act on essential data.
  • Help our clients work and learn collaboratively in teams.

Performance Outcomes to be Measured:

Cambridge Education is a world leader in the field of school and district diagnostic and performance monitoring and assessment. We have collaborated to design and implement a range of review and impact assessment frameworks tailored to the specific needs of our clients. We believe that performance outcomes should be designed specifically, responsively, and are key to the success of any improvement efforts. Along every one of our school support and partnership services, we include clearly defined Key Performance Indicators and Performance Outcomes, which include, but are not limited to:

Student Performance on formative and summative assessments.

Student Placement and access indicators, including Advanced Courses and College Entry/Completion.

Non-academic Indicators, such as social-emotional development and student perception and satisfaction indicators.

School wide Performance Assessment frameworks, including School Quality Reviews, State Accountability frameworks, etc.

Educators’ professional capacity, Performance Indicators within Evaluation and Effectiveness frameworks.

Family and Community Engagement, Participation Rates, Community Accountability Indicators.

Learning environment, culture, and program coherence.

Our consultants also work closely with our partners to build internal capacity to identify, collect, analyze and utilize performance outcome data to support the continuous and sustainable improvement of their schools.


Record of Effectivenesss:

Since 2010, Cambridge Education has been working as Lead Turnaround Partner in the state of Virginia. During this time, we have served 18 schools across 10 districts. By the end of SIG Cohort I, 2 of the 6 schools we served were fully accredited. The remaining 4 schools all moved out of priority status.

For SIG Cohort III and IV, we are currently serving 8 schools in 5 school divisions. One of these schools, Bryan Elementary, was recently awarded conditional accreditation based on strong growth performance: Bryan is fully accredited in 3 of the 4 core subjects: math, science, and history, and has made substantial progress in English.

The number of students with unexcused absences has been reduced by 50% over the last two years, the largest reduction by an elementary school in the state.

New York City Children First Network 103

During the 2012-2013 academic year, Cambridge Education worked with Children First Network 103 in New York City. CE, with network coaches and teacher teams designed Common Core-aligned units, analyzed assessment results, developed lessons, and conducted peer observations. These activities improved learning and teaching, and built significant capacity in the schools. MS 131 saw an increase of 19.7 points on student test scores, and rose 19 places in district percentile rankings.

Cahokia, IL School Transformation

As part of our LTP role we have:

Addressed the root causes of behavior and data management issues.

Provided a key solution to resolve the district’s budget challenge, producing significant savings for the district which has been forced to make cuts of over $1m.

Provided an innovative funding strategy - CE identified practical targeted next steps for the district and CHS including an example funding prospectus.

Educator evaluation support - instrumental in designing the teacher evaluation model.

Considerations for Success:

In order to build effective and meaningful partnerships with our clients we ensure that our work is guided and defined by:

  • Customized and flexible solutions that respond and adapt to the priorities, needs, and context of the school community.
  • Active engagement with all stakeholder groups, implementing comprehensive programs that build capacity, motivation, and commitment at all levels.
  • Close, trusting and productive working relationships with the school community, central office staff, and a shared vision for our partnership.
  • Transparent and consistent communication, ensuring improvement goals and priorities are shared and monitored, which promotes ownership and accountability at all levels.
  • A relentless focus on student learning, tying every improvement and development action to the achievement, growth, and development of students.