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School Levels:

K-12; Post-secondary

Associated Costs:

Compensation options are based on three factors: 1) customization; 2) organizational impact; and 3) expertise. For your convenience, figures are competitively priced for comparable services conducted throughout the U.S.

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Detroit Public Schools

Muskegon Heights Public Schools

Pontiac Academy for Excellence

Grand Rapids Public Schools

Leona Group, LLC

Baldwin Community Schools

Michigan State University

Kalamazoo RESA

Ferris State University

Okemos Schools

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Interactive Learning and Education Consulting, LLC

We specialize in offering consultation services primarily in Strategic Planning; Data Analysis; School Improvement; Instructional/Leadership Coaching; Professional Development; parent workshops; and character education presentations for schools and social programs. Each service is designed to assist your institution to meet its core needs and objectives. Our aim is to be considered an educational "hub" for your community; we are here to be a part of your success and growth.

Summary of Services and Products being offered:

Interactive Learning and Education Consulting is a full-service, educational resource provider, well-equipped with experienced consultants throughout the U.S. We are able to address complex issues relevant to the overall efficiency of school leaders, students, faculty and staff, and reposition that very concern back in front of clients whereby the solutions are clearly defined. We assist in the critical assessment of the facts; ILEC weighs in on all matters at hand, along with providing you viable options for remedy.

Performance Outcomes to be Measured:

Opportunities for active learning, content knowledge, and the overall coherence of staff development are the top three characteristics of all ILEC work. All ILEC services are conducted with catering to the needs of its participants – taking into consideration that everyone learns differently, modalities and levels (as do our students). Group participation, independent practice, journaling, activities and frequent breaks are incorporated in all sessions. Technology is utilized when appropriate for video footage, data analysis, or part of an assignment. Informational packets which are administered to participants are relevant to their respective role/responsibility, as well as pertaining to the subject at hand. Evaluations, including feedback, are conducted after each session and topic covered; this information is shared with school leaders.

Record of Effectivenesss:

Vision. Strategy. Execution. That, in essence, describes the origin and present existence of Interactive Learning and Education Consulting. It began in 1999 with one engaging workshop offered at Ferris State University through the Office of Minority Student Affairs by ILEC Co-Founder Andrei Nichols (M.S., Education – Ferris State University), who later collaborated with Carl King (B.S., Sociology – Southern University) in 2005. Together they created an assortment of interactive presentations for ALL learners based on the need of advocating for student development and academic achievement. They also envisioned a company that would provide additional educational resources for clients through a network of qualified educators. That vision came to fruition, and now ILEC has positioned itself to serve (meet) the educational needs of schools, agencies, and programs throughout the United States.

Considerations for Success:

The formula to our success is very simple: We command the best. Prior to joining the ILEC team, our consultants are thoroughly vetted to ensure that the quality of service that you are delivered meets a high standard. ILEC services are provided by highly qualified Consultants - some of the best in their respected field - who have prolific background in the educational and/or social programming setting.  They typically are school superintendents, principals, instructors, community leaders and/or motivational speakers within their respective region.

You can expect that the works of anyone throughout our organization is worthy of applause and exemplary in nature.  ILEC building leaders selected to service clients have demonstrated within their body of work to be proven ‘Effective’ as school administrators – ‘Reward’ or ‘Champion’ school status has been achieved by all of them in the state of Michigan. We take much pride in being remarkable professionals and leaving great impressions upon those we encounter.