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School Levels:

Resolute professionals provides services to the following school levels in public, private and charter schools in urban, suburban and rural areas:

  1. Pre-K;
  2. Elementary;
  3. Middle Grades, 
  4. High School, and 
  5. Career and Technical Education or Worforce Development.


Associated Costs:

Resolute Educational Solutions, L.L.C. offers competitive pricing that is uniquely tailored to meet the goals and objectives as identified as areas of service by each school or district.

Previous Partners:

PK-12 Clients

  • Michigan Virtual Charter Academy

  • Allen Academy

  • Tukwila School District

  • Ann Arbor Public Schools

Higher education clients

  • Davenport University

  • Eastern Michigan University

Non-profit clients

  • Community Education Commission's Saturday's in the D program

  • Tech Town's Startup Engine Detroit

  • UAW-Ford Education, Development and Training Program

  • ​Detroit Employment Solutions-City of Detroit

Association clients

  • Michigan Elementary and Middle School Principals Association (MEMSPA)


The University of Wisconsin-Madison, Wisconsin Center for Education Research 


Resolute Educational Solutions,LLC

WE SOLVE PROBLEMS FOR OUR CLIENTS by using data analytics, data mining, and forecasting the future based on past patterns, by extracting meaningful insights from various data sources. Resolute possesses an extreme amount of talent, training, and passion for developing or evaluating Quality Assurance Systems for continuous improvement. Resolute is a full range professional services firm delivering educational services and capabilities in:

  • Evaluation and Research (relevance, collection, validation, and quality review),
  • Design and implementation of Quality Assurance Systems,
  • Data Mining,
  • Strategic Planning,
  • Program and Process Improvement,
  • Program and Project Management,
  • Systems analysis,
  • Needs Assessments,
  • Trends and Issues Updates,
  • Training and Learning Design,
  • Facilitation of Stakeholder Engagement,
  • Reports and Resource Manuals, and
  • Accreditation Preparation.


Summary of Services and Products being offered:

Resolute Educational Solutions, LLC (Resolute) is U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) 8(a) certified educational services firm offering a full-range professional services firm that serves as a premier thought partner providing a broad range of technical assistance and educational services for clients to improve equity and promote justice, impartiality, and fairness within the procedures, processes, and distribution of resources, programs, and services.



The 8(a) certification provides agencies simplified and shortened procedures which greatly reduced cycle time; lowers administrative costs such as procurement process costs associated with a lengthy contracting process; best price value; small business credit for promoting small business participation; allow contracts to be initiated with a simple high-level statement of work; and there is no protest process that could delay the start of needed work.


Performance Outcomes to be Measured:


IR-PATH (IR-PATH )is the standardization of school-level data represented as actionable data to positively contribute to strategic, programmatic, and systematic needs based on school, student, and teacher-level factors. The system is capable of developing a profile that provides the ability to improve system effectiveness and efficiency to address gaps associated with equity, infrastructure, learning, and resources pertinent to organizational improvement. After data cleansing and validation, we use data analytics, data mining, and forecasting the future based on past patterns, by extracting meaningful insights from various data sources to offer a comprehensive view of operations finances, performance, and more. The platform supports a focused approach of producing greater efficiency to the reporting process and implementing a systematic way of reducing duplication and a central hub for data. 


The comprehensive tool provides inherent benefits to an organization seeking to improve existing data or to design and implement a quality assurance system for continuous improvement. The benefits include:

•    Cost savings (e.g., legacy systems and technology);
•    Improving data quality processes;
•    Reporting for various local, state, and federal organizations;
•    Cleansing, validating, and leveraging actionable data;
•    Multiple data collections with the same data elements; and
•    Alignment of organization/program outcomes with data.

Record of Effectivenesss:

Project name and description of the scope of the project: Medicaid Eligible Allowable Reimbursement Data Collection, Submission, and Reporting. Resolute partnered with AAPS and was charged to evaluate, analyze, and make recommendations regarding the Ann Arbor Public Schools (AAPS) Medicaid eligible expenditure resource allocation. Results obtained: To date, Resolute has provided a total recommended Cost Projection adjustment for the SE-4096 2017-18 of $7,393,556 (i.e., instruction and non-instruction cost).

Project name and description of the scope of the project: Resolute partnered with Michigan Virtual Charter Academy (MVCA) to serve as an external evaluator of the district’s Teacher Observation and Evaluation Analysis and Leadership Feedback. Resolute brought MVCA deep expertise and experience in evaluating major initiatives at the K-12 level, and familiarity with the state policy context within which MVCA operates. Resolute analyzed sixty Teacher Observation and Evaluations across elementary, middle, and high schools. Resolute conducted an analysis of the Framework for Teaching by domain (including subcategories), by school type (i.e., elementary, middle and high school) and content area. Results obtained: The Resolute team met one-on-one with the elementary, middle and high school principals to collect verbal feedback to MVCA administration on the wording, commentary and focal points of observations. The result of this work was a technical report, framing improvement for teaching and learning Teacher: Michigan Virtual Charter Academy (MVCA) Teacher Observation and Evaluation.

Considerations for Success:


The company takes great pride in our past performance, which includes extensive effort to ensure project satisfaction for our customers. Attached, you will find Resolute’s capability statement for review.

●     Interpreting the data to discover solutions and opportunities for our clients.

●     Communicate complex ideas to your nontechnical stakeholders in a way they can easily understand.

●     Partnering to facilitate the identification of the data-analytics problems that offer the greatest opportunities to the organization.

●     Determining the correct data sets and variables.

●     Collecting both structured and unstructured data from disparate sources

We take great satisfaction in long-term business relationships and look forward to hearing from you as we seek to earn your trust and business. Thank you for your time and consideration.