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Farmington Hills MI 48333

School Levels:

The school levels served since the program's inception have been PK-5 and PK-8.  However, the program is flexible and can service all grades PK-12, if needed and requested.

Associated Costs:


Personnel -- Instructional Staff of 8 (1 Director, 4 Teachers, 1 Counselor, 1 Tutor Attendance Agent and I Bookkeeper) -- $103,790.96; the School Administration's Discretionary Fund -- $6,272; Operating Expenses -- Parent Student Transportation, Communication, Consumable Supplies, Refreshments/Paper Products, Program Equipment--4 Boards, 2 Air Purifiers, 1 Water Dispenser, 2 Window Air Conditioners, 2 Cabinets, 2 Heaters and Specific Program Expenses -- Office Equipment--4 LT Computers; 1 Laser Copier, 1 TV, 1 DVD Player, 2 CD Players, 1 Typewriters, 1 LCD Projector, 1 Camera, Refrigerator, Microwave, Paper Cutter, Coffee Maker, Hole Puncher and Stapler; Student Activity Books (100); Parent/Guardian Instructional Binders (100); 12 Print Cartridges; Copying Paper; Office Supplies--Pens/Pencils, Staples, Paper Clips, etc; and Workshops, Incentives, and Achievement and Recognition Awards -- $39,937.04.


Previous Partners:

The list of JRAB Inc.'s previous and current partners are Crary PK-5 School, Henderson PK-5 School, Henderson PK-8 School, Sherrill PK-8 School, Dixon PK-8 School, Bow PK-8 School, Edison PK-5 School, Loving PK-7 School, the YWCA Interim House of Detroit, the Detroit Board of Education, the Mayor'[s office and the Detroit City Council, Hartford Baptist Church, Best Buy, Office Depot, various social agencies in the community and/or the city, various businesses in selected communities--Sears/Meijers, the Detroit Police Department, the local judicial system, Sam's Club, DTE--gas cards for parents; the Social Service Department of DPS, local employment agencies, the Northwest Campus of WCCC and various Faith-Based Institutions in the selected schools' communities. 

JRAB Educational Support Services, Inc.

The "Parental Development/Enhancement and Accountability Program" is a twenty-eight week program, two fourteen week sessions (September - April) for the most "At-Risk/Promising Students" and their parents/guardians in a selected school--Session I (September - December); and Session II (January - April).  The program will accommodate 80 parent/guardian participants of the most "At-Risk/Promising Students" in the building per 14 week session from 9:00 A.M. until 12:55 P.M. four days a week--Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursdays.  These participants will receive four one-hour classes in the areas of Reading/Writing, Math/Science, Family Living/Health Nutrition, and Effective Parenting Skills/Entry Level Job Skills.

The identified "At-Risk/Promising Students" of the parent/guardian participants (maximum 50 per Sessions I and II) will attend the "After School Tutoring Program" from 3:15 P.M. until 5:00 P.M. and receive instruction in proper classroom behavior/good citizenship, reading, writing, math and homework assistance concurrent with the schedule of their parent/guardian participants.  The program implementers will work with the teaching and counseling staff to monitor/insure student growth/improvement academically and personally.  Regular school holidays and semester breaks will be the same for the program participants asf the participating school.                         

Summary of Services and Products being offered:

JRAB Educational Support Services Inc. (JRAB Inc.) is an educational non-profit organization whose purpose is to make parents/guardians of the "At-Risk/Promising Student Populace" cognizant of the supportive roles required by the educational institutions/communities for the successful development of their children/guardians academically, socially, psychologically and physically in order to maximize the chances for personal success for all concerned.  The main strategy for accomplishing this is to provide the much needed information and instruction via the implementation of a comprehensive parent/guardian program--"The Parental Development/Enhancement and Accountability Program" whose goal is to instill the required desire and commitment needed by both parent and child.

Performance Outcomes to be Measured:

Increased positive parental support/participation in their child's educational endeavors.

Number of parents returning to school to enhance their education--GED Program, Vocational Education, Jr. College, College/University and or employment.

Parents understanding of the State Assessments--MEAP, MAP, SAT, Common Core, etc. and the role they must play to help their children achieve success.

Parents knowledge of the support programs available to improve their children's performance in school and on all required school assessments.

Parents having obtained the skills necessary to get at least entry level employment.

The successful development of the "At-Risk/Promising Students" academically, socially, psychologically and physically.

The decrease in students' poor attendance, failures, code violations, poor test scores, negative encounters with the law, and alcohol/drug use/abuse.

Improvement in student self-esteem, school attendance, grades/test scores, respect for self/others and an appreciation for education itself.

Increase in the promotion and graduation rates, community involvement and respect for the school and the community.

Parents/guardians being better able to assist their children with school and homework after receiving the needed academic instructions--Reading/Writing, Math/Science, Family Living/Health, Effective Parenting Skills/Entry Level Job Skills and Special Education Counseling.

Record of Effectivenesss:

The pilot testing of the program occurred at Crary PK-5 School in 2008.  The program began with 12 parents/guardians and 20 students (grades PK-5) and based on the outcome of the program's assessment, JRAB Inc.'s staff surmised that the program was needed, welcomed and was embraced enthusiastically by all participants.  The program ended with 10 parent/guardian participants, a loss of two who obtained employment.  Parents said the parenting instruction helped them to be more effective parents, and enhanced their self-esteem and desire for further education so they can become financially independent and play a more supportive role in helping their children achieve academic and personal success in school and life.

The After-School Tutoring Program began with 20 participants and ended with 17--three students withdrew during the third week of the program because of transportation problems.   Based on the teachers' evaluations of the students actively participating in the "After School Tutorial Program", all students showed some improvement by the end of the six week session in the areas of self-esteem/self-worth, improved attitudes about school and schoolwork, improved citizenship, improvement in their school work and academic achievement--the largest percentage from the poor to fair category, the next largest improvement was from the fair to good category; a smaller percentage of improvement was from the good to very good category; and an even smaller percentage of improvement was from the very good to excellent category (one student).  Ninety-five percent of the students' citizenship improved and most of the student participants' self-esteem and self-worth improved; and all of the students said their parents' expectations of them regarding their schoolwork was higher; and the relationship between parent and child had improved.

Considerations for Success:

JRAB Inc. is more than willing to develop partnership with organizations such as the United Way, Skillman, Kresge and other similar foundations, the state and federal governments, the Detroit Public Schools, EAA Schools, chartered schools, school communities, or any other educational agencies/organizations, philanthropists that believes the program is worthy of implementing and is willing to fund its parent program whose mission is to help make parents/guardians cognizant of the supportive roles required by the educational institutions for the successful development of their children/guardians academically, socially, psychologically and physically, thereby maximizing their chances for personal success professionally and in life itself.