2259 Ayrshire
Ann Arbor MI 48103

School Levels:

The Sower Center provides services to levels pre-K to adult.

Associated Costs:

  • Initial professional development: $1,250 per full day
  • Implementation support: $800 for full-day / $500 for half-day
  • Materials and travel costs may apply

Previous Partners:

  • Wayne RESA
  • McGraw-Hill Education
  • Hamtramck Public Schools
  • International Institute for Restorative Practices
  • South Lyon Community Schools
  • National Institute for Direct Instruction
  • River Rouge Public Schools
  • Roseville Community Schools
  • Saginaw Public Schools
  • Carman Ainsworth Community Schools
  • Dearborn Schools
  • Education Achievement Authority
  • Nexus Academy of Cleveland (Ohio)
  • Romeo Community Schools
  • Armada Area Schools
  • Beecher Community Schools
  • South Lake Schools
  • Burton Schools
  • Bentley Schools
  • National Heritage Academies
  • many others

The Sower Center for Successful Schools

The Sower Center provides the following professional development opportunities for schools:

  • Restorative Behavior Management
  • Facilitating Restorative Justice Conferences (This training is licensed by the International Institute for Restorative Practices, www.iirp.edu)
  • The Power of Circles
  • The Eight Essentials of Effective Teaching
  • How to Deliver "Direct Instruction" Programs

The Sower Center also provides implementation support in the following areas:

  • Program development
  • Individual coaching
  • Program assessment
  • Problem solving

Summary of Services and Products being offered:

The Sower Center integrates Restorative Practices with authentic positive behavior support, firm discipline, and effective instructional methods to form a comprehensive school reform strategy. We are Michigan's leading provider of professional and program development for Restorative Practices.

Performance Outcomes to be Measured:

The Sower Center measures success by rates of improvement in the following areas:

  • reading fluency and comprehension
  • math proficiency levels
  • behavioral disciplinary referrals
  • detentions, suspensions and expulsions
  • measures of disproportionality
  • school climate survey results
  • parent satisfaction survey results
  • staff PD evaluation outcomes

Record of Effectivenesss:

The Sower Center has assisted in significantly increasing achievement levels in math and reading in Roseville Community Schools.

The Sower Center has assisted in significantly reducing rates of disciplinary referrals and reliance on suspensions in South Lyon Community Schools, Hamtramck Public Schools, Dearborn Schools, River Rouge Schools, Roseville Community Schools, Saginaw Public Schools, and other schools and districts.

Considerations for Success:

The Sower Center has partnered with the International Institute for Restorative Practices, McGraw-Hill Education, Safe & Civil Schools, and the National Institute for Direct Instruction to provide services for schools. We are very willing to partner with any group that is committed to positive and restorative behavioral methods and to research-validated instructional methods that assure the mastery of essential, foundational academic skills.