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Detroit MI 48223

School Levels:

ULS services K-12.

Associated Costs:

ULS offers competitive pricing that's tailored to each participating school's service needs.

Previous Partners:

Educational Achievement Authority

Detroit Public Schools

Ecorse Public Schools

Harper Woods School District

Urban Leadership Specialists, Inc.

ULS assists schools in the following ways:

  • Cultural Competency Training and Coaching – Educators will receive the tools and support to better serve diverse students, families, and communities. Cultural competence entails developing certain personal and interpersonal awareness and sensitivities, understanding certain bodies of cultural knowledge, and mastering a set of skills that taken together underlie effective cross-cultural teaching and culturally responsive teaching.
  • Staff Professional Development – Targeted workshops are utilized to enhance professional knowledge of educational best practices with the goal of increasing achievement. Teachers and leaders will be trained in skill development, cultural competency, instructional strategies, etc.
  • Family and Community Engagement - ULS engages local families and communities in diverse and multi-tiered ways to ensure their understanding and enlist their feedback in their children’s educational process. Families are engaged through personal development trainings, resource opportunities, and parental appreciation/celebration events which all serve to promote home stability and heighten parental involvement.
  • Student Behavioral Modification Programming - Through group interactions and individual mentoring, ULS facilitators provide leadership training to students and encourage activities to help them learn to resolve and reconcile conflict. With the use of these strategies students break down barriers, become leaders, and prevent confrontations that lead to violent outcomes. Additionally, students obtain the skills needed to avoid negative behaviors that lead to suspension and expulsion from school.

Summary of Services and Products being offered:

Urban Leadership Specialists is a modern, prototypal organization, dedicated to the positive reformation of student, community, educational and human service systems. Our vision is to unleash the positive potential of urban youth through the elimination of the conditions that hinder their success. We exist to provide leadership and partnership to community stakeholders to confront and address the unique conditions that face urban youth and help provide realistic solutions that holistically develop students and families. Our approach is to apply a variety of practical methods to solve real-world student and parental issues in order to facilitate long-term systemic student achievement and success.

Urban Leadership Specialists has provided individualized assistance and guidance to community schools and organizations through program design, coaching, leadership training, curriculum development, parental programming, and staff professional development. These methods serve as a catalyst for educational and community change that cultivate and facilitate long-term systematic student achievement and success with effective engagement of community stakeholders. We help all stakeholders understand how a shared vision within a school and community can help students reach their full academic and personal potential.

ULS Objectves:

  • To strategically tie teachers, students, parents, and the community into the overall process of transforming education; To develop teachers, students, and parents to be the conduits that change the conditions that cause urban students to fail
  • To eliminate negative cultures and climate conditions and to foster an environment of lasting learning and achievement where all students within a given institution are learning at their highest capacity free from hindrances, boundaries, fears, and distractions

Performance Outcomes to be Measured:

Prior to initial engagement with a school or district we first research the school/district data and school/community culture.  Once we are able to meet with school/district officials and get first-person input we develop a thorough assessment of the system as a whole and begin to develop a plan of action.  Meeting with teachers during professional development sessions and observing the teachers in their classroom is the final and perhaps most important piece of the assessment process. Through the Classroom Observations process we gain an understanding of  how the teachers interact with the students as well as attendance, instructional and behavioral  problems. Having an open dialogue with teachers during the professional development workshops allows us to assess their Cultural Competency and what specific areas of development we should focus on.  We also procure and assess data relative to student and parent engagement, and motivation and reward activies so that we may implement strategies,  tools and Positive Behavioral Supports to impact problem areas. We use an action research approach to our programming. We conduct surveys to gather info to obtain an understanding of how the materials and sessions that are delivered are being consumed . Following this process we monitor how content is being received and if teachers have an understanding of what we’re trying to deliver.  Student voice surveys and class baseline data, attendance, behavior, and coursework are gathered to help gain an understanding of the areas that need to be addressed. Throughout the entire data and assessment  process we work with instructional coaches and administrators  to ensure all efforts are in line with district level evaluation.

Record of Effectivenesss:

Many schools have found our system to be an effective tool to positively change school culture and climate to build relationships to more (efficiently/inclusively) guide school improvements.ULS is currently implementing our services in three EAA schools. The staff and principals at our participating schools have expressed great appreciation for the services that we provide. Additionally, they have noted that the services we provide are yielding significant results and that they would like to see our work within their schools continue and even expand. 

In June of 2012, the summer before the EAA was launched Elementary School A had less than 25 parents who participated in school activities, meetings or events. This information was substantiated via a parent survey that was given to the school by the parent liaison.  ULS partnered with the school and instituted the PIE model.  Parent participation and engagement has grown remarkably. As of the spring of 2014, Elementary School A hosted 18 parent activities in conjunction with ULS. 567 (85%) of parents participated in at least one school activity. 

ULS was contracted by High School A during the 2013-2014 school year.  It was documented that less than 12 parents participated in activities throughout the previous school year.  Of those 12 only one was actively engaged.  The actively engaged parent also happened to be a teacher at the school.  By the end of the school year 149 (35%) of High School A's parents participated in at least one of the 10 activities ULS hosted throughout the school year.

Considerations for Success:

Provide ULS access to all students, staff and pertinent data information.