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School Levels:

We at The M.E.C. Group specialize in providing leadership that transforms administrative and instructional chaos or fragmentation into a structured data-driven response that includes smart accountability and customized Response to Intervention (RTI) systems that accommodate all students.As champions for a school-wide progressive behavioral support mechanisms for urban students and have significant experience working Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS) systems with students with all kinds of learning and behavioral challenges.

The M.E.C. Group members are well versed in the national education agenda, a student of the Common Core State Standards. As former and/or current school leaders, instructional coaches, and teachers we are  quite familiar with the Michigan curriculum agenda in its many forms and levels. Understanding the national requirements and expectations for schools that range from Priority, Focus, or Reward status and we feel confident that The M.E.C. Group can provide the leadership, coaching, and coaching  deired in teaching and learning related to the same.

Our skills, background, and training mirror those one  might seek in school leader, instructional coach, or dean of students in particular those needed to inspire and motivate school leadership teams to transformational thinking followed by transformational schooling that results in rigorous academic curriculums that spawn higher achievement among all the students. We have provided  instruction and curriculum for school administrators, teachers, and students at the following levels and in the following districts:

  • Coaching and Consulting for K-12 Principals and Assistant Principals in both charter & public schools.
  • Coaching and Consulting for K-12 Charter Schools (New Beginnings Academy)
  • Coaching and Consulting for 9-12 Detroit Public Schools (Osborn Evergreen Academy)

Associated Costs:

We at The M.E.C. Group consider the scope of work and the deliverables and also bearing in mind the environment. Rates & charges will vary according to circumstances, scope of work, place (local/home or otherwise), type of education institution, first time or regular client etc. Rates may range from daily, weekly, and/or hourly according to the need at each establishment. For long term (one full school year) Fees range from 600.00 to 1000.00 per day.

Previous Partners:

While there are many benefits and advantages to partnership development, The M.E.C. Group recognizes the value added to ourselves when we seek to establish partnerships with others.  Our list of previous and current  partners are as follows:

  • Faye Baker - Fayevonsolutions (Detroit, MI) - PAST
  • Dr. Carolyn Carter - ACCESS Educational Management (Pontiac, MI) - CURRENT
  • Faye Nickels - K-12 Evaluationa Solutions/Zimco, Inc. (Frankenmouth, MI) - PAST
  • Althea Hale - Meaningful Learning, Inc. (Redford, MI) - CURRENT


The M.E.C. Group

Educational Consultants in The M.E. C. Group provide consultative work in providing assistance to teachers, faculty, curriculum supervisors, education/departmental administrators, deans, local education agencies, and educational programs/projects at the state and local levels, in the development, implementation, and evaluation of education programs/projects.   Work involves assisting in the design and implementation of instructional strategies based on current instruction methodologies; developing, evaluating and advising on the use of curriculum/instructional materials; developing the measures and methods of evaluating the effectiveness of the educational programs and subsequent assessment of strategy effectiveness.  Work may also include relating evaluation processes to specific educational placement, and planning the overall diagnostic program in the organization. Positions may be assigned to subject matter areas such as English, Mathematics, Social Studies/History or Science or to education support programs, which cross curriculum lines and impact on the instructional process in all areas. Positions are responsible for responding to requests for services and for identifying service delivery requirements based on changes in the education field generally and the assigned area specifically.

Summary of Services and Products being offered:

Members of The M.E.C. Group are dedicated to "Making Education Count".  Our highly skilled educational consultants are knowledgeable professionals, who advises school leaders, teachers, staff, and students toward achieving educational success.  Theses consultant bring passion, high ethical standards, researched best practices, data analysis and collaborative communication to an ongoing process of enhancing the educational environment. Our key areas of expertise are as follows:

Consultation/Advising - Ability to provide advice and counsel.  Ability to understand client programs, organization and culture.

Knowledge-Professional - Knowledge of and professional skills in specific area(s) and keeps current with developments and trends in areas(s) of expertise. 

Analytical Thinking - Ability to identify issues and obtain relevant information. Ability to relate and compare data from different sources, and identify alternative solutions.

Communication - Ability to communicate information to individuals or groups; and deliver presentations suited to the characteristics and needs of the audience.  Ability to clearly and concisely convey information orally or in writing to individuals or groups to ensure that they understand the information and the message. Ability to listen and respond appropriately to others.

Training - Ability to lead and guide others to develop new skills or knowledge that will enhance their work. Ability to design, develop and/or deliver training programs.

Research - Ability to review and study relevant information from various sources to develop new information and identify primary and secondary authorities to validate.

Performance Outcomes to be Measured:

The performance outcomes to be measured through classroom informal observations, mentoring, professional learning communities as well as one-on-one conferences are as follows:

  • Professional Knowledge - The teacher demonstrates an understanding of the curriculum, subject content, and the developmental needs of students by providing relevant learning experiences.
  • Instructional Planning - The teacher plans using the state’s standards, the school’s curriculum, effective strategies, resources, and data to meet the needs of all students.
  • Instructional Delivery - The teacher effectively engages students in learning by using a variety of instructional strategies in order to meet individual learning needs.
  • Assessment of/for Learning - The teacher systematically gathers, analyzes, and uses all relevant data to measure student academic progress, guide instructional content and delivery methods, and provide timely feedback to both students and parents throughout the school year.
  • Learning Environment - The teacher uses resources, routines, and procedures to provide a respectful, positive, safe, student-centered environment that is conducive to learning.
  • Professionalism - The teacher maintains a commitment to professional ethics, communicates effectively, and takes responsibility for, and participates in, professional growth that results in enhanced student learning.
  • Student Progress - The work of the teacher results in acceptable, measurable, and appropriate student academic progress.

Record of Effectivenesss:

The M.E.C. Group specializes  in coaching ministration at all levels, learning acceleration, and curriculum and instruction, in elementary and in secondary settings. We  work well with all school district constituents: educators, collective bargaining representatives, parents, students, and community members. We are educators well versed in cognitive instructional strategies. Our belief that professional staff development must be chosen with the identified needs of the students and staff of each school has prompted us in assisting schools in developing school improvement plans that accelerate student achievement all done collaboratively and in support of teachers. The following are results of our effectiveness:

  • Established and Implemented an Efficient and Effective Response to Intervention (RtI) Model
  • Facilitated and Monitored Professional Learning Communities: A Systems Approach to High Performing Teams
  • Provided School Improvement Coaching and Consulting for School Improvement Team
  • Monitoring and Supporting Classroom Implementation 
  •  Used Data to Improve School and Classroom Learning Systems

Considerations for Success:

The M.E.C. Group recognizes the need for an effective partnership that outlines clear guidelines and expectations for all parties.  When developing partnerships discussions are needed to clarify the following:

  • The Members and the Roles of the Leadership Team
  • ˆ Clarity of Understanding ˆ Different cultures/practices ˆ
  • Clear Purpose, Vision and/or Mission ˆ
  • High Commitment Levels ˆ
  • Trust ˆ
  • Clear Working Arrangements ˆ
  • Performance Management Systems ˆ
  • Learning/Exchanges of Good Practices
  • Collaboration through weekly meetings
  • Rate of Pay
  • Use of office equipment